Chandler Police Identify the Most Dangerous Intersections

Chandler Police have announced that the majority of accidents at city intersections are caused by drivers following too closely and distracted.  Distractions while driving including texting, changing the radio station, or applying makeup will not only result in an auto accident but a citation for violation of A.R.S. § 28-730A, following too closely and A.R.S § 28-701A, reasonable and prudent speed.

According to Chandler Police Department, there have been 527 accidents this year through August 31st, 2012 at the 25 chandler intersections with the most crashes.

The most dangerous intersections with the most accidents in the Chandler, Arizona region from Jan. 1 to Aug. 31 are:

  • Chandler Boulevard/Price: 46.
  • Ray Road/Price: 36.
  • Ray Road/Dobson Road: 32.
  • Warner Road/Arizona Avenue: 29.
  • Chandler Boulevard/Dobson Road: 24.
  • Chandler Boulevard/Kyrene Road: 23.
  • Ray Road/Alma School Road: 23.
  • Loop 202/Arizona Avenue: 23.
  • Chandler Boulevard/Alma School Road: 22.
  • Ray Road/McClintock Drive: 21.
  • Ray Road/Arizona Avenue: 21.
  • Chandler Boulevard/Metro Boulevard: 20.
  • Queen Creek Road/Price Road: 19.
  • Queen Creek Road/Arizona Avenue: 19.
  • Loop 202/Alma School Road: 19.

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