Propecia (generic name: finasteride) is a drug manufactured by Merck & Co. to treat male pattern baldness.  Propecia has been linked to permanent sexual dysfunction in young men. Although the initial label for Propecia stated that side effects were rare and temporary, studies have shown that as many as 39% of men experienced side effects from the drug, and 50% of those men continued to suffer side effects even after they stopped using it, for an average of 40 months after discontinuing Propecia use. Worse, 20% of the men were still experiencing side effects five years after stopping use of Propecia.

Recently, federal lawsuits have been consolidated in the Eastern District of New York for discovery proceedings to streamline the litigation. Typically, similar federal lawsuits are consolidated in one federal court during the discovery phase of litigation into an organization called the MDL to simplify litigation and prevent conflicting pretrial rulings. The Propecia litigation MDL was established in April 2012.  Unlike a class action lawsuit, Propecia lawsuits within the MDL remain individual and most likely will be transferred back to the home state for trial once pretrial proceedings are completed.

Propecia lawsuits claim that Merck & Co was negligent because the company:

  • Represented that Propecia caused minimal side effects while knowing that the hair loss drug caused permanent sexual side effects
  • Had actual knowledge through studies, that using Propecia increased the risk of permanent erectile dysfunction after stopping treatment
  • Had actual knowledge that the risk of  Propecia side effects in men who used the drug for hair loss treatment had  a greater than disclosed risk in packaging warnings
  • Failed to investigate the accuracy of its  label once it became aware of safety issues
  • Failed to conduct and report post market  safety surveillance

It is important to contact an experienced products liability attorney regarding claims involving defective medications. MDL litigation is complex and there are strict rules and procedures that must be followed when suing a drug manufacturer. Product liability cases are complex and a skilled products liability lawyer should be consulted.

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