In Kentucky, an Army veteran filed a 10 million dollar medical malpractice lawsuit, contending that he suffered a partial amputation of his penis due to the negligence of a Veteran’s Administration nurse. The nurse was accused of repeatedly placing ice packs on the Army veteran’s penis following a penile implant surgery. After the procedure, a nurse packed the veteran’s groin in ice for 19 hours causing frostbite and eventual gangrene. The lawsuit contends that the ice should have been removed between 2 and 3 hours after placement.

In addition to the partial loss of the veteran’s penis, he suffered from an inability to urinate properly. Gangrene set it in within a few weeks, causing doctors to remove a five-inch section of the man’s penis. The veteran required reconstructive surgery in order to restore his ability to urinate.

Veterans often seek treatment at VA hospitals and facilities, which are overseen by the Department of Veteran Affairs. There is a risk of injury due to medical negligence at these government run facilities due to incorrect diagnosis, incorrect medication dosage, surgical mishaps, and other errors. Medical errors can lead to brain injuries, amputations, paralysis, death, and other complications.

It is important to contact an experienced personal injury attorney regarding claims involving Veteran’s Administration hospitals and employees. Federal law controls and the injured party must bring a claim under the Federal Torts Claims Act because the claim is against the United States federal government. There are strict rules and procedures that must be followed or the claim may be thrown out. The requirements for filing against the federal government are quite complex and it is advisable to contact a skilled personal injury lawyer.

Determining whether the patient has a case of medical malpractice under the Federal Torts Claim Act is complex. Oracle Law Group has experienced personal injury lawyers that can help you or your family member bring a claim under the Federal Torts Claim Act. Our trained veteran’s personal injury attorneys can help you recover compensation for medical bills, permanent disfigurement, and missed time from employment. Oracle Law Group also has a nurse attorney on staff to help you understand the medical impact your injuries will have on your daily life. Call the Oracle Law Group today for a free consultation, if you or your loved one has been injured.