On August 29, 2012, a 100 year old senior citizen driver veered onto a sidewalk by a Los Angeles elementary school and struck and injured nine children and two adults. Taking the keys away from senior drivers is a difficult decision that causes heated arguments within families.

The American Psychological Association did a driving study of 266 drivers between the ages of 70 and 88 who lived alone and had no obvious signs of dementia. The study showed an increased driving danger due to a decline in the senior’s motor skills. Seniors have difficulties with failing to check blind spots, veering across lanes, and neglecting to use turn signals. The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety found that the crash rate of seniors increases beginning at age 70 and jumps significantly higher at age 80. Their crash rate rivals teens and young adults.

Of course, not all senior drivers are unsafe. Some, who have maintained their motor skills and mental capacity, drive carefully. The Arizona Republic recently found that state licensing rules widely differ with only 30 states imposing senior driving restrictions. In Arizona, driver licenses expire on the 65th birthday. Thereafter, the driver’s license can be renewed every 5 years with a vision test.  At age 70, Arizona also requires that seniors can not renew their driver’s licenses by mail.

Multiple victims with injuries from the same crash can mean that there will be insurance coverage issues. An experienced personal injury attorney should be immediately consulted to investigate the cause of the crash and insurance coverage. Sometimes a senior driver may not be insured. A skilled accident lawyer can often find insurance coverage to compensate the injured person.   An experienced accident lawyer can help the injured person and family recover compensation for medical expenses and lost time from work.

Oracle Law Group has experienced accident attorneys that can help you if you have been injured by a senior driver. Our accident lawyers will work hard to investigate and gather evidence. Our personal injury attorneys will guide you through the legal process helping you step by step.  If you or your loved one has been injured in by a senior driver, call our Arizona personal injury lawyers today for a free consultation.