In Tempe this morning, a pickup truck failed to stop and struck a pedestrian mother, father, and their 4 month old infant as they crossed an intersection in an unmarked crosswalk. The pedestrians and baby girl were sent to the hospital by ambulance.  Both the mother and infant girl have skull fractures and bleeding on the brain. The father’s injuries are non-life threatening. The accident remains under investigation.

Pedestrian accidents are a frequent occurrence on Arizona streets. Both adults and babies can suffer lifelong debilitating injuries and even death after being struck by a negligent vehicle in a cross walk. It is often difficult to establish fault in a pedestrian vehicle accident. Many people believe that if an injury occurs in an unmarked cross walk it is the pedestrian’s fault, but this is not necessarily true under Arizona law.  The driver of the vehicle may still be at fault. Therefore, it is important to consult an experienced car accident attorney immediately. An experienced accident lawyer can investigate the facts and determine liability and fault.

Both babies and adults can suffer lifelong physical injuries from pedestrian accidents. Injuries can include permanent paralysis, brain injury, fractured bones, amputation of body parts, and permanent scarring. Severe emotional distress and post-traumatic stress often follow car accidents.   Children and infants can suffer from car accident related injuries their entire life.

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