Labor Day Weekend Chain Auto Accident Injures 20

A four-vehicle pileup on Interstate 17 between Cordes Junction and Black Canyon City Sunday injured at least 20 people, including children, and brought holiday traffic to a crawl while one northbound lane was shut for more than an hour.

Accidents that involve multiple vehicles create not only mayhem at the accident scene but also for the accident attorney that handles the claim. Because the collision caused multiple injuries of 20 occupants, it is essential that an experienced car accident attorney becomes involved at an early stage of the investigation. The cause of this 4 vehicle collision has not been established. Because driver fault is a concern, the accident lawyer must quickly investigate the cause and determine primary liability and insurance coverage.

Chain reaction car accidents are not uncommon on Arizona roadways. Property and personal injury are the consequences of multiple vehicle collisions and can include both emotional and physical injuries. Receiving the just compensation in a multiple vehicle collision can be difficult and an experienced personal injury attorney can help the injured person receive entitled compensation. Injuries may include loss of work, permanent injury and disfigurement, and emotional distress. Arizona law allows personal injury victims up to two years following a car accident to file their personal injury claim.

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