Mesa Women Arrested for Bathroom Assault

Two Mesa women, 27 year-old Rosa Lara and 26 year-old Nikki McNeil-Heisen, were arrested on March 21st for their alleged involvement in an assault on another woman. The incident took place on February 23rd in the bathroom at O’Kelley’s Sports Bar and Grill in Mesa.

According to the report, McNeil-Heisen slammed the victim’s head into the wall and punched her twice and Lara threw toilet tissue soaked in chemical cleaner at the victim. McNeil was arrested for suspicion of assault, and Lara was arrested for suspicion of aggravated assault.

The victim sustained eye tissue damage and blurred vision as a result of the assault. She is a dental assistant and unable to return to work because of her injuries. Arizona law allows intentional tort victims to collect damages from the persons who injured them for their physical, economic, and emotional injuries. The victim may file a civil lawsuit against her attackers for medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering. She may also have claims for training for a new career if she can no longer work as a dental assistant, disfigurement, and future damages if her injuries have caused permanent damage. Arizona law allows personal injury victims up to two years following their injuries to file their personal injury claims.

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Photo credit: Quinn Dombrowski from Flickr