Volvo Creates First Pedestrian Airbag

Volvo has created the first car that comes with a pedestrian airbag. This safety feature will debut this year at the Geneva motor show on the Volvo V40.

When the car detects a collision with a pedestrian, a U-shaped airbag will deploy from the back of the hood and cover part of the windshield. The U-shape allows the driver to continue to see while protecting the pedestrian from directly striking the windshield.

The Volvo V40 also comes with a pedestrian detection system that will automatically engage the vehicle’s brakes when it detects a pedestrian in its path. The system works if the vehicle is traveling at 35 miles per hour or less.

According to the report, 12% of deaths during motor vehicle accidents occur when motorists strike pedestrians. These safety features are designed to decrease injuries and deaths in these types of accidents.

You can see the video that demonstrates both technologies here.

This is the first time a vehicle has been equipped with an airbag that deploys on the exterior of the vehicle and is designed to protect people other than the vehicles occupants.

Photo credit: Alexander Lindquist from Flickr