Proposed Arizona Booster Seat Law

Recently, the Arizona House of Representatives Transportation Committee unanimously supported a bill that would require every passenger between age 5 and 8 and under 4’9” tall to use car booster seats. Arizona is only one of three States that does not have a vehicle booster seat law. The National Transportation Safety Board recommends that every State have a booster seat law.

The current seat belt law in Arizona requires car seats for all passengers who are 4 years old and younger and requires every passenger under 16 to wear a seatbelt. Arizona census information indicates that there are over 435,000 children between the ages of 5 and 9 years old in Arizona. The families of these children would be affected by the law if it is passed.

Seat belts are designed for adult-sized people, not small children. Small children who do not use booster seats can sustain serious abdominal and spinal cord injuries from their seat belts in a car accident. According to Sara Bode, pediatrician and representative for the Phoenix chapter of the American Academy of Pediatrics, booster seats can reduce injuries by 60%.

This law would apply to vehicles that carry 10 passengers or less and to cars manufactured in and after 1972.

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Photo credit: Pete Toscano from Flickr