Notice of Claim Filed Against Babeu

Jose Orozco filed a notice of claim against Pinal County Sheriff Paul Babeu and the Pinal County Board of Supervisors, informing them that he would be filing a lawsuit for $1 million against them.

Orozco and Babeu were in a romantic relationship for four years. When the couple broke up, Orozco claims Babeu threatened him with deportation if Orozco revealed their relationship to others. Orozco is a Mexican national.

Babeu acknowledged that he is gay and that he was in a romantic relationship with Orozco, but he denies making any threats to Orozco. Babeu claims that Orozco’s allegations are designed to hurt his political career.  Babeu is currently running for Arizona Congress.

According to the report, Orozco claims that he could sue Babeu and the county for abuse of power, conspiracy, defamation, and other civil rights violations. Orozco also claims that he has experienced mental anguish and emotional distress stemming from damage to his reputation and fear for his and his Family’s safety.

If Orozco files a lawsuit against Babeu that includes a claim for the infliction of emotional distress, Orozco will have to provide evidence of four things:

  1. That Babeu acted intentionally or recklessly,
  2. That Babeu’s conduct was extreme or outrageous,
  3. That Babeu’s actions were the cause of Orozco’s distress, and
  4. That Orozco suffered emotional distress as a result of Babeu’s conduct.

Orozco will have the burden of proving his case. If Orozco prevails, he can receive financial compensation for his emotional damages.

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Photo credit: Gage Skidmore from Flickr