The Scope of Economic Damages

When you are injured by someone else, you are allowed to recoup your economic losses caused by the person who injured you. Most people know that this includes reimbursing you for your medical bills and lost wages; however, many people do not know that they may be reimbursed for all the expenses related to your injury.  You might be eligible for reimbursement for any of the following.

  1. Medical bills.
  2. Lost wages for when you had to miss work because of your injury.
  3. Property damage, such as repairs to your car following a car accident.
  4. Any equipment you had to buy or rent because of your injury. This includes wheelchairs, crutches, bandages and braces, ice packs, heating pads, special clothing (i.e. pants that fit around your leg cast), and over the counter medication.
  5. Expenses for services you need because of your injury. This includes home cleaning services if your injury prohibits you from cleaning your house and child care if you have to hire someone to watch your children when you have physical therapy and other appointments.
  6. Transportation costs. You can be reimbursed for your mileage for any injury-related appointments. If you were injured in a car accident, you can be reimbursed for rental car costs or the cost of taxis and public transportation that you used while your car was being repaired or if your injury made it impossible for you to drive.
  7. Lost opportunities. You may be reimbursed for activities you pre-paid for that you unable to participate in because of your injury. For example, if you registered for a marathon prior to your accident and you were unable to participate in the race because of your injury, you can seek reimbursement for your non-refundable race entry fee as well as any expenses you incurred in preparation for the race, such as the cost of your running shoes.

Be sure to tell your Arizona personal injury lawyer about all your injury-related expenses and to save all receipts for your expenses. Your lawyer will use this information to best represent your interests and to ensure that you are compensated for all your damages.

If you have been injured by another person’s actions, please contact the Phoenix personal injury lawyers at the personal injury law firm Oracle Law Group today.

Photo credit: Ed Yourdon from Flickr