Phoenix Woman Injured During Attempted Carjacking

A Phoenix woman was shot last month while fleeing from a would-be carjacker. The incident occurred near 35th Avenue and Union Hills Drive in Phoenix.

According to the Phoenix Police Department, the woman was getting into her car when a man wearing black jeans and a hooded sweatshirt ran up to her. The woman started her car and drove off. As she sped away, the man fired several shots at her vehicle. Fortunately, none of the bullets hit the woman; however, the bullets struck her car. The woman sustained non-life-threatening injuries from the resulting debris. The suspect was seen leaving the area with two other people in a silver Kia.

If the suspect is caught, he will likely be criminally charged for the attempted carjacking and the assault. The woman may file a civil lawsuit against her attacker for the medical treatment she needed for her injuries and any related costs for lost wages, mental health treatment, the damage to her car, and pain and suffering.

Arizona law allows personal injury victims up to two years following their injuries to file their personal injury claims. This is a unique situation because the victim does not know the identity of her attacker. A 1998 court case created the rule that the two-year clock starts running when the victim “knows or with reasonable diligence should know the facts underlying the cause” of his/her injury.” Therefore, this carjacking victim has two years from date she learns or should have learned the identity of her attacker to file a civil lawsuit for her damages.

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Photo credit: Quinn Dombrowski from Flickr