Teen Pepper Sprays Classmates

On Friday, January 20th, a 13 year-old pepper sprayed 18 classmates at a Queen Creek middle school. According to the report, a 15 year-old student brought a small can of pepper spray to school in her bag. The 13 year-old inadvertently discharged the can when she was searching the bag for lip gloss.

The students in the room immediately complained about the effects of the pepper spray, including difficulty breathing. The 13 year-old who set off the pepper spray was evaluated at a nearby hospital. No other injuries were reported. The classroom was isolated to prevent other students from inhaling the fumes.

Assistant Superintendent Barbara Remondini reported that pepper spray is not allowed in the school because of the potential disturbance it can cause. She said, “Safety of students is an utmost priority.” She said the students responsible for the disruption will be disciplined.

The 15 year-old who brought the pepper spray to school may also face civil charges from the 13 year-old. If the older student had not brought the pepper spray to school, the incident would not have occurred. If the 15 year-old is found responsible for the incident, she could be financially responsible for the younger student’s medical bills that were the result of her negligent act of bringing the pepper spray to school.

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Photo credit: Lauri Rantala from Flickr