Businesses’ Obligations To Your Safety

The holiday season is in full swing. Phoenix area stores are starting to have special one-day sales and preparing for Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Both the foot traffic and the available merchandise is increasing in the stores, which increases the risk that a patron could be injured while they are shopping.

Businesses are open to the public, and they have the responsibility of protecting patrons from injuries while they are on their property. They have an obligation to remove any hazards that could be discovered upon reasonable inspection. Therefore, if you are injured while you’re doing your holiday shopping by a hazard in a store that a store employee should have noticed and removed, they could be liable for your injuries.

Some of the hazards that store employees must watch for include

  • Wet floors on rainy days or if someone spills a beverage,
  • Merchandise and other items of the floor the pose a tripping hazard,
  • Fixtures that are poorly arranged where a patron could walk into them,
  • Fixtures and displays that are at risk of toppling onto patrons,
  • Other employees who create hazards when they are restocking shelves, and
  • Broken merchandise, fixtures, and/or hangers that could cut a patron.

Stores are also responsible for crowd control. Unfortunately, it is not uncommon to hear stories about patrons and employees being injured when patrons are running through the store in the hopes of purchasing a particular item. There are reports of people being stepped on, bitten, hit, and killed because a store did not manage the flow of patrons in their store.

Please be safe this holiday season. If you are injured while shopping in an Arizona business, please contact the Phoenix personal injury lawyers at the personal injury law firm Oracle Law Group today.