Study Shows Children are Safer when Riding with Grandparents than with Parents

Although, in general, older people are involved in more car accidents than younger people, according to a study conducted by Dr. Fred Henretig, a Physician at The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, children are twice as safe when driven by their grandparents then they are when driven by their parents. Specifically, the study gathered data from five years of accidents involving 217, 976 children.  The study found that grandparents were driving in approximately ten (10) percent of the accidents in the study and responsible for only approximately seven (7) percent of injuries to children under the age of sixteen (16).  In the remaining ninety (90) percent of the accidents, the children’s parents were driving.  Researchers contribute the results to a variety of factors: older people speed less often than younger people, older people tend to take fewer risks when driving and older people may be less likely to take longer road trips than younger people.   Dr. Henretig said “What we learned was that grandparents drive very, very cautiously when their grandchildren are on board, making a special effort to drive safely.”

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