Man Arrested for Luring Teenage Girls for Sex

According to Phoenix Police Spokesman Sergeant Steve Martos, thirty-one-year-old (31) Jason Dubin was arrested for suspicion of aggravated luring of a minor after he connected with “teenage girls” online and met them to engage in sexual conduct.  Police said Mr. Dubin believed he was chatting online with a seventeen-year-old (17) girl but was actually chatting with Phoenix Police Officers.  Mr. Dubin arranged to meet the seventeen-year-old (17) and a fourteen-year-old (14) girl; however, when Mr. Dubin arrived to meet the girls, Police arrested him.  Sergeant Martos said Mr. Dubin refused to talk to Police about the investigation but told Police he was the attorney for several professional athletes.  Although Mr. Dubin is not listed on the Arizona State Bar website, Arizona Corporation Commission records show that within the last year he started a company called Athlete Advisory Group.

According to Arizona Revised Statute § 13-3560, “A person commits aggravated luring of a minor for sexual exploitation if the person does both of the following: (1) Knowing the character and content of the depiction, uses an electronic communication device to transmit at least one visual depiction of material that is harmful to minors or for the purpose of initiating or engaging in communication with a recipient who the person knows or has reason to know is a minor; (2) By means of communication, offers or solicits sexual conduct with the minor. The offer or solicitation may occur before, contemporaneously with, after or as an integrated part of the transmission of the visual depiction.”  Under Arizona law, it is not a defense that the other person is either not a minor or is a Police Officer posing as a minor.  In Arizona, aggravated luring of a minor for sexual exploitation is a Class 2 Felony and may result in a sentence up to twenty-four (24) years in prison.

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