Ten (10) Facts about Arizona’s Medical Marijuana Law

(1)    Patients and Caregivers are allowed 2.5 ounces of marijuana;

(2)    If approved to grow marijuana, the patient is limited to growing twelve (12) plants, and the plants must be grown in an “enclosed, locked facility;”

(3)    Caregivers must be at least twenty-one (21) years of age, pass a criminal background check; serve not more than five (5) patients, and keep a card for each patient;

(4)    Caregivers may receive reimbursements from their patients for actual expenses only;

(5)    Medical Marijuana cards for both patients and caregivers last for up to one (1) year and will have the person’s name, photograph, address, date of birth, and indication of whether the person is approved to grow marijuana in his or her home;

(6)    Caregivers and patients are required to submit fingerprints to law enforcement and sign a statement that they will not provide marijuana to non-patients;

(7)    Caregivers and patients may share marijuana with other patients free of charge as long as they do not knowingly cause the patient to exceed the allotted 2.5 ounces;

(8)    Not-for-profit medical marijuana dispensaries have been legalized under the law;

(9)     A patient living within twenty-five (25) miles of a medical marijuana dispensary may not grow his or her own marijuana;

(10) Caregivers and Patients may not possess medical marijuana on school grounds, a school bus or in a correctional facility, and patients may not smoke marijuana in a public place or on public transportation.

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