Arizona’s Four (4) New Gun Bills

On July 20th, 2011, four (4) new gun bills will take effect in Arizona:

(1)   A hunting bill, sponsored by Senator Frank Antenori, will prevent cities, towns and counties from prohibiting hunting.  The bill does, however, allow them to restrict a person from discharging a firearm within a quarter of a mile of an occupied structure. Under this law, the state Game and Fish Department will have the authority to decide hunting rules and hunting boundaries.  In support of the bill, Senator Anetori said municipalities are continuing to prepare land for future growth which is “taking away a lot of hunting land.”

(2)   House Bill 2146, sponsored by David Burnell Smith, removes the requirement that gun instructors, authorized by either the Department of Public Safety or the National Rifle Association, submit a fee and fingerprints for background checks. Additionally, current law requires those seeking a permit to carry to apply with a certificate obtained within the past five (5) years.  However, the new law will allow those seeking a permit to carry a gun to apply with a certificate older than one obtained in the past five (5) years.  Although people twenty-one (21) and older have been able to carry a concealed weapon without a permit since July 29, 2010, some people still apply for permits, and this law reduces some of the requirements for permit-holders and instructors.  Representative Smith said it is still an advantage to carry a permit because there are thirty-two (32) other states in which the permit will provide privileges to those who have a one.

(3)   Jack Harper sponsored a bill to repeal an Arizona statute that prohibits persons from carrying a firearm in a wildlife refuge to align state law with federal law which allows legal owners of firearms to carry guns in wildlife refuges and national parks.

(4)   House Bill 2645 allows individuals stripped of firearm privileges due to a history of mental illness to appeal the decision.  Specifically, the Bill provides petitioners with the right to request an evidentiary hearing at which they can present character witnesses and records to show mental stability.

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