Phoenix Intersections with the Most Car Accidents in the City

According to a recently released study from the Phoenix Street Transportation Department, two (2) roads, East McDowell and West Indian School, were the locations of the most car accidents in Phoenix in 2009.  For example, in 2009, there were thirty-nine (39) accidents at 32nd Street and McDowell Road, thirty-six (36) accidents at 44th Street and McDowell Road, and thirty-four (34) accidents at 7th Street and McDowell Road.  The study further found that there were forty-one (41) accidents at 59th Avenue and Indian School Road, thirty-five (35) accidents at 75th Avenue and Indian School Road and thirty-five accidents (35) at 51st Avenue and Indian School Road.  Additionally, the study found that three (3) other intersections in Phoenix were the sites of a significant number of accidents in 2009: fifty-one (51) accidents at 35th Avenue and Dunlap, forty-seven (47) accidents at 19th Avenue and Northern and thirty-four (34) accidents at 7th Street and McDowell Road.  According to the study, the total number of accidents at each intersection may not reflect the safety of the intersection because the study did not consider certain factors such as the volume of traffic at each intersection.

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