Man Sentenced to Six and One Half (6.5) Years in Prison for Selling Narcotics

On Thursday, Kenneth Allen Rump II was sentenced to six and one half (6.5) years in prison followed by a probationary period of five (5) years for selling narcotics in a drug-free school zone through a drug fraud ring in Peoria.  The case was investigated by the Peoria Police Department and the Attorney General’s Office during which time they discovered that a group of thirteen (13) people were involved in the crime including Mr. Rump, Leanne Durivage and Tyler Deane.  According to investigators, Ms. Durivage stole blank prescription pads from her employer and sold the pads.  The group used the stolen prescription pads to fill numerous prescriptions for oxycodone.  Mr. Deane and Mr. Rump then sold the oxycodone.  Investigators determined that the group obtained approximately 5000 pills with a street value ranging from $79,000 to $159,000.

According to Arizona Revised Statute § 13-3411, “It is unlawful for a person to do any of the following: Intentionally be present in a drug free school zone to sell or transfer marijuana, peyote, prescription-only drugs, dangerous drugs or narcotic drugs.” Under Arizona law, possession of a narcotic for sale is a Class 2 Felony that may include penalties such as fines and imprisonment.

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