Most Dangerous Intersections in the Southwest Valley

According to Police in Cities in the Southwest Valley, a significant number of automobile accidents occur in or near intersections with heavy traffic due to driver inattentiveness.  Avondale Traffic Sergeant Paul Herrmann said “One of the most significant factors is just plain inattentiveness.”  Goodyear Traffic Sergeant Santiago Rodriguez said many accidents are a result of drivers attempting to multi-task by sending text messages, eating, applying makeup, shaving or adjusting the radio.  According to Sergeant Santiago, “Electronics have changed the times. The distracted drivers are a problem and I think it’s probably gotten worse with smart phones and all these other electronics that you can get. I’ve seen people go down the road with iPads and it’s just crazy.”

Since January 2010, according to Police data, the majority of accidents in the Southwest Valley occurred at six (6) intersections.   In Avondale, there were seventy-three (73) car accidents at McDowell and Dysart Road, seventy-one (71) accidents at Van Buren Street and Dysart Road and fifty-six (56) accidents at Dysart Road and the Interstate 10.  In Tolleson, there were thirty (30) accidents at 99th Avenue and Van Buren, thirty-one (31) accidents at 91st Avenue and the Interstate Ten, and thirty-five (35) accidents at 99th Avenue and the Interstate 10.  According to Tolleson Police Chief Larry Rodriguez, Dysart Road is a major thoroughfare with many businesses and restaurants that draw more traffic than other streets.

Intersections in Buckeye and Goodyear had fewer accidents than the other cities in the Southwest Valley.  For example, there were twenty-seven (27) accidents at the intersection of Litchfield and McDowell and twenty-two (22) accidents at Watson and Yuma Roads in Buckeye.  Sergeant Santiago Rodriguez said the City of Goodyear’s green turn arrows, which do not turn green until the end of the cycle, are a key factor in Goodyear’s lower accident numbers.  According to Sergeant Santiago Rodriguez, “It’s technically safer. The lagging left has really helped us in Goodyear keep crashes down.”

Police said they are making efforts to increase safety at some of the more dangerous intersections by widening intersections, adding right-turn-only lanes, increasing police presence at intersections, and educating the public through mock DUI accidents and other outreach efforts.  Sergeant Herrmann said “You need to use the same common sense. If you’re going to drive a car, do it safely. Operate it safely on the roadway to the point where you’re not going to hurt yourself, passengers or somebody else.”

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