Man Found in Dumpster Charged with Possession of Marijuana

On Thursday, fifty-five-year-old (55) John Patterson was charged with possession of marijuana after Mesa Police found him in a dumpster.  When Officers found him, Mr. Patterson told them he was looking for a thermos he had dropped inside the dumpster.  Police conducted a search of Mr. Patterson and found marijuana and a glass pipe in his pockets.  When Officers arrested him, Mr. Patterson had a warrant for trespassing and had a criminal record that included loitering, burglary and concealing a weapon without a permit.

According to Arizona Revised Statute § 13-3405, “A person shall not knowingly: (1) Possess or use marijuana . . . .”  Under Arizona law, a person with marijuana not possessed for sale in an amount less than two (2) pounds may be found guilty of a Class 6 Felony. The penalties for marijuana possession may not include jail time for a first or second offense, but will likely at minimum include steep fines and probation.  However, a person with previous criminal convictions may face up to one (1) year in prison for marijuana possession not intended for sale.

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