Phoenix Car Accident Statistics for 2009

According to a study done by the Phoenix Street Transportation Department, there were 22,713 accidents in Phoenix in 2009: a thirteen (13) percent reduction in car accidents from 2008 and the lowest amount of accidents the City has seen in twenty (20) years.  The study also found that there were 12,318 car accident related injuries in 2009: an 8.9 percent drop from the previous year.  The study further found that there were 136 automobile accident fatalities in 2009 as compared to 143 automobile accident fatalities in 2008. The amount of pedestrian/vehicle accidents also decreased from 589 in 2008 to 525 in 2009.  The study further reports that, in 2009, thirty-six (36) pedestrians were killed by automobiles accounting for 26.3 percent of traffic fatalities: a decrease from forty-one (41) pedestrians killed in 2008.  In 2009, according to this study, nine (9) bicyclists were killed and 423 were injured, but, overall, bicycle/vehicle accidents decreased from 478 in 2008 to 467 in 2009.  According to this study, the majority of accidents occurred in April and the majority of car accident related fatalities occurred in September.  Further, the worst day and time for accidents was Friday between noon and 3 p.m.

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