Woman Faces Assault Charges for Hitting Husband with Vehicle

According to Peoria Police Spokesman Jay Davies, a thirty-six-year-old (36) woman was arrested for aggravated assault after she intentionally hit her husband with her car while he was riding his scooter at the intersection of 91st Avenue and Olive in Peoria.  The woman and her forty-four-year-old (44) husband began arguing during a dog training class.  Around 7 p.m., the husband left the class, but his wife caught up with him shortly thereafter.  The woman began arguing with her husband again through the window of her car and then hit him with her car knocking him off his scooter.  The woman hit him at a low speed, and her husband was able to get back on his scooter after approximately fifteen (15) seconds.  The man drove away, but he was later interviewed by Peoria Police responding to calls from witnesses to the incident.  The man only suffered scrapes and bruises, but his wife was booked into the Fourth Avenue Jail.

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