Semi-Truck Rolls on Highway Causing Minor Injuries

Early Friday morning, eastbound Interstate ten (10) near Casa Grande was closed after a semi-truck rolled over on the highway.  According to Department of Public Safety Officials, minor injuries were sustained from the accident, but Officials did not know how many people were injured.  Although traffic was backed up due to the closure, Officials had the lanes cleared by seven (7) a.m.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), in 2009, 807 people were killed in an automobile accident in Arizona, and sixty-six (66) of those people were killed in an accident involving a semi-truck.  Further, the NHTSA reports that the driver of the semi-truck accounted for only one (1) percent or nine (9) of those fatalities.  Therefore, the majority of semi-truck fatalities result in the death of the other vehicle’s occupants. Finally, in 2009, 11.9 percent of semi-truck fatalities in Arizona involved a semi-truck rollover accident.

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