Pedestrian Killed on Interstate Ten

According to Arizona Department of Public Safety Spokesman Bart Graves, on Monday at two (2) a.m. a pedestrian was struck by a vehicle in Phoenix on the eastbound Interstate ten (10) near the Seventh Street exit.  The pedestrian, who has not yet been identified, was taken to a local hospital where he/she was pronounced dead.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), 120 pedestrians were killed in Arizona in 2009.  The NHTSA further reported that the leading factor in pedestrian fatalities in 2009 was “improper crossing of roadway or intersection.”  Specifically, according to the NHTSA, forty-seven (47) of the 120 pedestrians killed in 2009 fell into the category “improper crossing of roadway or intersection.”  The second leading factor in pedestrian accidents in 2009, as reported by the NHTSA, was “physical impairment” which accounted for forty-one (41) of the 120 pedestrian fatalities.

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