Sixty-two-year-old Man in Serious Condition after Beating, Police Search for Suspect

According to the Scottsdale Police Department, a sixty-two-year-old (62) man is in serious condition after being beaten unconscious Friday around 12:30 a.m. at the Scottsdale Quarter.  Scottsdale Police Spokesman Sergeant Mark Clark said the victim and his fiancée were at the Narcisse Champagne and Tea Lounge when the suspect approached them and made advances towards the victim’s fiancée.  The victim and the suspect began to argue, and the suspect was asked to leave the bar for disruptive behavior. Fifteen (15) minutes later, the victim and his fiancée were met outside by the suspect as they were leaving the bar.  The victim’s fiancée returned to get help, but when she came back she found the victim unconscious. The victim suffered life-threatening head injuries and was transported to a hospital in Scottsdale.  He is currently in serious condition.  Sergeant Clark said the Scottsdale Police Department is asking anyone with information about the suspect to contact them.

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