Two Motorcyclists Collide; One Dies

According to Mesa Police Detective Mike Melendez, two motorcyclists collided at Crimson and Guadalupe Roads in Mesa Saturday afternoon leaving one dead. Detective Melendez said the motorcyclists were traveling east on Guadalupe Road when they attempted to pass a vehicle in front of them.  As the motorcyclists were going around the vehicle, the vehicle slowed down.  In response, one of the motorcyclists over-corrected and hit the other.  Detective Melendez said one of the riders hit the pavement and slid into the curb.  The Mesa Fire Department said a bystander performed CPR on the motorcyclist, however, the thirty-five-year-old (35) male later died of his injuries.  According to Detective Melendez, the other motorcyclist was not injured in the accident.  Detective Melendez further said that neither of the motorcyclists was wearing a helmet.

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