Woman Dies in Motorcycle Accident

On Saturday evening, a motorcycle carrying two people collided with an automobile near 43rd Avenue and Bell Road.  According to police, a man and woman were approaching the intersection riding a Harley Davidson when a Nissan Rogue traveling in the opposite direction turned left in front of them.  The female motorcyclist was killed, and the man is in serious condition.  Police have not yet released the victim’s names, but have said that the two were not wearing helmets.  Police further said that the driver of the Nissan was not impaired.

According to the American Motorcyclist Association (AMA), motorcycle fatalities in 2009 dropped for the first time in twelve (12) years.  Specifically, a study done by the AMA found that the motorcycle fatality rate dropped by at least ten (10) percent from 5,290 deaths in 2008 to 4,762 deaths in 2009. The Governors Highway State Association (GHSA), which represents the state and territorial highway safety offices that implement programs to address highway safety issues, cautioned that the report only includes data from one (1) year making it too soon to predict a steady decline in the rate of fatalities. GHSA Chairman Vernon Betkey said, “We will need to see three to five years of decline before we are ready to say that a positive trend has developed.”  The report does not indicate the reasons for the decline.  However, some speculate that the decline is due to worsening economic conditions which are causing some to sell their motorcycles and others to ride their motorcycles less often.

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