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Man Booked for Drug Possession. Call the Top Criminal Lawyers for your Criminal Case!

Wilfredo R. Reyes-Ramirez was arrested Wednesday evening in Mesa and was booked on three charges of drug possession and failure to provide a valid identification.  According to police, Mr. Reyes-Ramirez was originally stopped by an officer for failing to use his turn signal while exiting a driveway on Country Club Drive between Brown and McKellips Roads.  Mesa police said Mr. Reyes-Ramirez did not have identification on him, and he gave the officers permission to search himself and his vehicle. When officers searched his vehicle, they found $6206 in a bag in the glove box.  Officers also found a stuffed teddy bear on the passenger side floor.  Police observed that the bear’s pants were ripped and there were pieces of stuffing on the outside of the bear.  When police searched the bear, they found seven bags of meth, about 26.1 grams, worth $800, stuffed inside the bear.

The penalties for drug possession in Arizona may include probation or jail time and will be based on a combination of several different factors: (1) the quantity of drugs found in your possession; (2) the purpose of the drug in your possession (i.e. for sale or personal use); (3) the type or class of drug in your possession; (4) first drug offense or repeat drug offense; (5) criminal record; (6) aggravating factors; and (7) other charges in addition to the current drug charges.

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