Band-Aid Bandit Sentenced to Nineteen Years in Prison. Call a Phoenix Criminal Attorney Today!

According to Robbie Sherwood, a spokesman for the Office of the United States Attorney, Samuel Cresante was sentenced to more than nineteen (19) years in federal prison after he pled guilty to two (2) counts of armed bank robbery and one (1) count of use of a firearm during a crime of violence. The court documents stated that Mr. Cresante, also known as the First Aid Felon and Band-Aid Bandit because he wore bandages and fake blood to disguise himself during the robberies, was accused of robbing twelve Valley banks throughout Mesa, Scottsdale and Phoenix between June 2009 and January 2010.  The court documents further stated that Mr. Cresante demanded money from the bank teller by passing a note to the teller or displaying a firearm. According to authorities, Mr. Cresante committed these robberies shortly after he was released from serving twelve years in prison for a previous armed robbery conviction.  Further, Mr. Cresante was considered a flight risk and a danger to the community and has been in custody since he was arrested in January of 2010.

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