Man faces Assault Charges for Biting Roommate’s Ear. Contact a Criminal Defense Law Firm

According to police, forty-two-year-old (42) Efrain Sebastian was arrested Monday night and booked on assault charges for biting off a piece of his roommate’s ear.  Police said the victim of the assault was consoling his roommate when the roommate and his father, Mr. Sebastian, attacked the victim.  During the attack, Mr. Sebastian jumped on the victim’s back and bit his ear.  Afterwards, the victim saw part of his ear on the ground, and he was told at the hospital that his ear would be permanently disfigured because the hospital could not reattach the missing one-third piece. The victim said that he was unsure of the reason for the attack, and he is worried that Mr. Sebastian may retaliate against him in the future.  However, Mr. Sebastian denied any involvement in the attack to the police.

In Arizona, assault charges can range from a class three misdemeanor to a Class two felony depending on the circumstances surrounding the incident.  Depending on the specific charge, the penalties for assault can also vary and may include mandatory prison time, fines, probation and community service.

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