Arizona’s “Sexting” Law . . . Call a Juvenile Defense Lawyer at a Phoenix Law Firm for Assistance

On July 1st, 2010, Arizona joined more than a dozen other states by creating a law that punishes the act of distributing sexually explicit images via cell phones, computers or other electronic devices.  This new law is aimed directly at juveniles and was designed in large part to discourage juveniles from “sexting.”  Under the law, a juvenile who “knowingly or intentionally uses an electronic communication device to transmit or display a sexually explicit depiction of a minor to one other person” may be found guilty of a petty offense and subject to penalties.  Specifically, a juvenile who distributes sexually explicit images will be fined a maximum of $300 for EACH inappropriate image he or she sends to another person.  If the image is sent to more than one person, the juvenile may be convicted of a class 3 misdemeanor punishable by a maximum fine of $500 for EACH image and up to thirty days in jail.  Further, a juvenile found in violation of this law on more than one instance will be subject to increased penalties.  Additionally, under Arizona law, it is unlawful for a juvenile to merely possess a sexually explicit image of another juvenile.

To avoid prosecution under this law, a juvenile on the receiving end of a sexually explicit image should (1) destroy, eliminate, or delete the image, (2) report the image to a parent or guardian (3) refrain from forwarding or sharing this information with another individual.

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