Four Injured in Knife Fight. Contact an Aggravated Assault Attorney for Assault and Battery Charges

Police Officers are searching for a man suspected of stabbing four of his neighbors during a fight early Saturday morning.  According to Police Officers, the four victims spent the evening drinking inside an apartment near Interstate Seventeen (17) and Thomas Road.  Around 6:30 a.m., an upstairs neighbor came down and began fighting with the victims.  According to police spokesman Steve Martos, “The suspect is said to have produced a knife and began to fight all four victims leaving two of the victims with life-threatening injuries. After the altercation the suspect fled the area in an unknown direction of travel.”   Three of the victims left the scene, but they were pulled over by an off-duty DPS officer who noticed them driving erratically.  When the DPS officer pulled them over, he found two of the victims with minor injuries and one with critical injuries.  The fourth victim had attempted to leave the scene on foot, and he was found with critical injuries by police who were called to the scene.  Police Officers are still investigating the incident and are asking anyone with information to come forward.

Under Arizona law, aggravated assault is defined as an assault that among other things either causes serious bodily harm, is carried out with a dangerous or deadly weapon, is committed against a victim who is bound or restrained, or is knowingly committed against a law enforcement officer, firefighter, teacher or prosecutor.  A conviction of aggravated assault in Arizona carries an aggravated assault punishment that includes a mandatory prison sentence: five (5) years, seven and a half (7 ½) years, or fifteen (15) years. Further, a person with prior convictions could serve up to twenty-five years in prison.

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