Police Detective facing Felony Charges. Contact a Phoenix Criminal Attorney with your Criminal Case

A Phoenix police detective, whose name has not yet been released, may face felony theft and drug possession charges for stealing 2,400 narcotic pills held by the department as evidence in other crimes.  According to Sergeant Crump, a recent audit revealed that some of the pills held in evidence, mostly Oxycodone, had been swapped out.  Sergeant Crump said that the detective had access to the police department’s case management system to see what drugs were available, and had authority to check the drugs out of the evidence room during which time he could swap the drugs for over the counter drugs, and return the bottles. The detective was detained by investigators on Monday, submitted his resignation and was released pending further investigation.  Sergeant Crump said “We know who he is, where he lives and we don’t think he’s going anywhere.”  The Maricopa County Attorney’s Office and the police department are working to build a case against the detective.

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