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Thirty-five-year-old (35) Sean Corwin is facing charges of possession of marijuana for sale, sale of marijuana to a minor, and possession of a firearm during a drug offense.  Mr. Corwin was arrested on suspicion of using his sixteen-year-old (16) son to sell marijuana to a fourteen-year-old (14) boy.  When officers arrested Mr. Corwin, he was banging on the front door of a home.  According to Police Sergeant Mark Ortega, Mr. Corwin accused the home’s occupants of taking $400 worth of marijuana from his son in a drug deal and refusing to pay for the marijuana.  Officers suspect Mr. Corwin had his sixteen-year-old (16) son sell the marijuana to a fourteen-year-old (14) boy, and the fourteen-year-old (14) ran to his home with the drugs without paying for them.  According to Sergeant Ortega, police officers found marijuana at the fourteen-year-old (14)  boy’s residence and also found two bags of marijuana at Mr. Corwin’s home.  Mr. Corwin’s son and the fourteen-year-old (14) boy were both taken to the Maricopa County Juvenile Detention Center, Durango Campus, and both are expected to face drug-related charges.

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