High School Student Faces Attempted Murder Charges . . . Call a Juvenile Defense Lawyer today

A Millennium High School student is facing charges of attempted murder and minor in possession of a weapon for bringing a loaded gun to campus on February 14th.  The ninth-grade student, whose name has not been released because he is a juvenile, said that he intended to shoot a teacher.  According to Goodyear police, the student also brought a gun to school on February 11th; however, on that occasion, the gun was not loaded.   Although students were aware of the gun on February 11th, they did not report it to school administrators because they knew it was not loaded.  According to Goodyear police, students did report the gun to administrators on February 14th, and within ten minutes the gun was secure. In response to the incident, the school scheduled a meeting at which parents and community members had the opportunity to ask questions and discuss ways to improve campus security.  Several parents suggested that the school install metal detectors and require students to use clear backpacks. However, Goodyear Police Officer Jason Costello referred to clear backpacks as a “feel good Band-aid” and called metal detectors a “logistical nightmare.”  Instead, Officer Costello suggested increasing the school’s mandatory lockdown drills from two a year to once a month.  According to Officer Costello, “When the drills do happen, half the doors don’t get locked and teachers don’t take it serious. That is unacceptable in my opinion as a parent. I know some people say its time consuming, but I think it will save lives.”

When a juvenile is charged with an offense, the Court has the option of trying the child as a juvenile within the juvenile court system or trying the juvenile as an adult.  For example, in many circumstances, children charged with serious felonies are tried as adults.  However, the juvenile justice system is a much more appropriate place for most children because the juvenile justice system focuses on rehabilitating rather than punishing the child. In addition, in most cases, the record of the offense in the juvenile system is sealed; whereas, most adult records are open to the public.  Furthermore, children tried as adults are placed in the adult prison system which is an incredibly difficult place for a child.  For these reasons and many others, it is in the best interest of a juvenile charged with an offense to remain in the juvenile justice system.

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