Oprah’s “No Phone Zone Pledge” Call a Personal Injury Attorney for your Personal Injury Case

On a recent episode of her show, Oprah Winfrey spoke about the dangers of driving while talking on a cell phone or texting.  During the episode, Oprah interviewed several guests who have lost loved ones due to distracted drivers and also referred to many stories in which people died as a result of texting or talking on a cell phone. For example, in 2008, a commuter train in Los Angeles collided head-on with a freight train when the commuter train conductor missed a red light because he was busy texting on his cell phone.  The collision injured 135 people and killed 25 people including the conductor.  Oprah also referred to an accident that occurred only a few weeks after the train crash in which an 18-wheel semitruck rear-ended a school bus carrying twenty-one students.  The truck pushed the bus more than 200 feet causing the bus to burst into flames and killing a thirteen-year-old girl onboard the bus. The driver of the semitruck said he did not see the bus stop because he was texting.

In response to accidents such as these, Oprah Winfrey is asking viewers of her show to sign Oprah’s “No Phone Zone Pledge.”  On the episode, Oprah stated “It is my prayer that this show, this day will be a seminal day in your life. Let it be the end, the end of you using a cell phone or sending a text message when you are behind the wheel of a moving vehicle.”  The Pledge states “I pledge to make my car a No Phone Zone. Beginning right now, I will do my part to help put an end to distracted driving by committing to drive as responsibly as I can.”  The pledge allows people to choose from three options:  (1) to refrain from texting while driving; (2) to refrain from texting while driving and to use a handsfree device when speaking on the phone; (3) to refrain from texting and talking on the phone while driving, and to pull over to a secure location before making a phone call.  According to Oprah’s website, 420,311 people have already signed the “No Phone Zone Pledge.”

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