Allstate Rated Worst Insurance Company. Retain Auto Accident Lawyer For Personal Injury Claim

According to a study done by the American Association for Justice, Allstate Insurance Company has earned the spot of the worst Insurance Company in America.  To make this assessment, the researchers investigated thousands of court documents, FBI records, state insurance department investigations, complaints, news accounts, and the testimony and depositions from former Allstate insurance adjusters and insurance agents.  Through this investigation, the research showed that Allstate’s slogan that its customers are in “good hands” may not be an accurate statement.  Specifically, the research showed that Allstate’s focus is not on taking care of its customers; rather, its focus seems to be on keeping shareholders happy.  For example, Allstate’s CEO Thomas Wilson admitted “our obligation is to earn a return for our shareholders.”  To earn this return, Allstate reportedly uses a combination of “lowball offers” and “hardball litigation.”  Specifically, when a customer files a claim, Allstate offers an incredibly low payment that many times is not even enough to cover the insured’s medical bills and lost wages.  If a policyholder refuses to accept the low offer, Allstate then in many cases denies the claim altogether.  According to former Allstate employees, this tactic was referred to as the three D’s: deny, delay and defend.  The research also showed that Allstate generates corporate training manuals to teach their employees how to avoid paying claims, and Allstate has been known to award those adjusters who deny the most claims.

Further, according to the study, Allstate has consistently had more complaints filed against it than almost all of its major competitors.  For example, Allstate recently paid $18.6 million to customers in Maryland because it was raising premiums and changing insurance policies without notifying policyholders.  In Texas, Allstate paid more than $70 million to policyholders because the company was overcharging homeowners throughout Texas.  Further, after Hurricane Katrina, the Louisiana Department of Insurance received more complaints by policyholders against Allstate than any other insurance company.

If you have been injured in an accident, the insurance company will likely encourage you to agree to a personal injury settlement almost immediately.  However, it is not uncommon for an insurance company to offer to settle your personal injury insurance claim for an amount far below what you need and deserve.  Therefore, rather than deal with the insurance company on your own, find a personal injury lawyer at the personal injury firm Oracle Law Group P.C. and let the auto accident lawyers at Oracle Law Group P.C. deal with the insurance company.  The auto accident lawyers at Oracle Law Group P.C. have significant experience dealing with insurance companies in personal injury lawsuits, and the personal injury claim lawyers at Oracle Law Group P.C. will make certain that you obtain the personal injury damages that you deserve to fully cover your injuries from your personal injury accident.