Forty-three Percent of Teens Experience Cyberbullying . . . Call a Phoenix Arizona Attorney to see how he or she can help.

According to the National Crime Prevention Council (NCPC), forty-three percent of teens have experienced some form of cyberbullying online.  In addition, the NCPC found that cyberbullying is the most prevalent in teens between the ages fifteen and sixteen.  The NCPC further found that cyberbullying is more common among girls than boys. Specifically, the NCPC reported that fifty-seven percent (57%) of girls have experienced some form of cyberbullying, and forty-three percent (43%) of boys have experienced cyberbullying. The NCPC defines cyberbullying as sending threatening emails or text messages, tricking a person into revealing personal information and sharing this information with others, defriending someone through a social network, blocking a person’s email, creating a website to make fun of another person, or using a website to rate peers based on appearance.

Cyberbullying can result in tragic consequences.  For example, there have been several instances reported nationwide in which teens have committed suicide as a result of this type of bullying.  In response, according to an ABC report, several states have created statutes to address cyberbullying: forty-one states have a statute against bullying and twenty-three states have laws that specifically prohibit cyberbullying.  Further, in addition to facing criminal charges brought by the state, teens involved in cyberbullying may also be held civilly liable.

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