Wrongful Death Lawsuit Against Four Loko

The parents of Jason Keiran, a Florida State University sophomore, filed a wrongful death complaint against the makers, the brewer, the distributor and the convenience store that sold Four Loko drinks.  Mr. and Mrs. Keiran argue that the combination of caffeine and alcohol found in Four Loko drinks is the reason why their son shot himself.  Jason drank at least three cans of Four Loko which is equivalent to 18 light beers and 6 cups of coffee.  Jason’s roommates said that he partied for 30 hours straight and on September 17, 2010 he picked up his roommates loaded gun and shot himself in the head.  Jason’s parents argue that this was out of character for Jason.

Four Loko has since taken the caffeine out of its alcoholic products.  However, there are 40 types of similar drinks still on the market.  Mr. and Mrs. Keiran want the FDA to ban all alcoholic drinks that contain caffeine to prevent further wrongful death cases.  Some states have already banned Four Loko energy drinks and other beverages like it:  Washington, Michigan, Oklahoma, Utah, Massachusetts, and Kansas.[1]

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