Growing up in Prison

14-year-old Boy in Tucson, AZ to be charged as an Adult

On April 29, 2010 three boys (ages 13, 13, and 14) participated in a violent home invasion in Tucson, Arizona. The boys tied up five people living in the household, they sexually abused a young girl and they beat a man with a shotgun until he became unconscious. The Pima County juvenile court transferred each of the three participant’s criminal case to the adult criminal court. One of the boys, now age 14, was charged with 13 counts of armed and aggravated robbery, 5 kidnapping counts, and 2 burglary counts.

Stories from all across the nation describe cases that involve minors performing heinous crimes, crimes so heinous that they shock both prosecutors and criminal defense attorneys. In Texas five teenagers were charged as adults for the brutal beating of 28-year-old Jonathan Bird. Bird advised two of the teenagers not to drive recklessly down the narrow residential street. A short time later, the two teens returned with another three teens to beat Bird to such a degree that his spinal cord was severed from him neck.

When children experience such difficult situations it is important that they are represented by an aggressive criminal defense lawyer that is not only familiar with criminal law but that is also familiar with juvenile law. Beauchamp Law practices both criminal law and juvenile law, to better serve minors that may face criminal proceedings in both areas.