Cities examine locations for Medical Marijuana dispensaries


Cities examine locations for Medical Marijuana dispensaries.

When Arizona became the 15th state to legalize medical marijuana, city planners and officials quickly began planning for its implementation.  The law allows a person suffering from a qualifying illness to purchase two and a half (2.5) grams of marijuana every two weeks.  The person would have to purchase the marijuana from a medical marijuana dispensary and be required to carry a medical marijuana card.  Though the state of Arizona has legalized medical marijuana the federal government still does not recognize marijuana as a prescribed medicine nor a federally recognized drug.  Cities are now dealing with issues regarding zoning ordinances to decide where marijuana dispensaries will be located.  State laws already prohibit drive through dispensaries, placing a dispensary within five hundred feet of a school, and consumption of medical marijuana is prohibited in public.  The number of dispensaries a city receives is relative to total population, larger cities such as Mesa or Gilbert expect to have anywhere from five to ten dispensaries each.