Child Pedestrian Accidents: A Parent’s Nightmare

Phoenix, Arizona Personal Injury Attorney — Melanie Beauchamp

Just a few days ago, forty-five miles from Phoenix in San Tan Valley, a two-year-old toddler was run over and killed by his babysitter. When a child pedestrian accident occurs there is a lot of emotional finger-pointing as to who was at fault. Was it the babysitter who failed to see that the child was in front of her car? Was it the parents who were not adequately watching where their child was? Regardless of the answer, it was a tragedy that happens all too frequently.

Child Pedestrian Accident Stats

According to their most recent statistics, The National Highway Traffic Safety Commission (NHTSC) reports that 4,378 pedestrians were killed in traffic accidents, while 18,000 were injured. Children 14 and younger accounted for 270 of the fatalities.

In Phoenix, the Arizona Department of Health Services 2009 Annual Report on Child Fatalities recently announced their findings for 2008: 17 children were killed as a result of a pedestrian accident and 16 of them were age 4 and under.

Other disturbing statistics comes from the National SAFE KIDS Campaign. Although this study is a bit dated (2002), the gist of the findings underscore a significant problem. The findings show:

• Children ages 4 and under are the most at risk for pedestrian injuries or death

• An estimated two-thirds of childhood pedestrian deaths are among males

• Black children have a pedestrian injury death rate almost twice that of white children

• Children ages 4 and under account for 80 percent of driveway-related incidents

• Children living in areas that have a high population density of children, household crowding, high housing density, low socio-economic status, poor supervision and no safe play environments are more likely to suffer pedestrian injury

• The parents of children suffering from pedestrian-related injury are three times less likely to practice other preventive behaviors and are more likely to be single parents, young mothers or both.

When is a Personal Injury Attorney Needed?

In the sad incident described at the beginning of the article, the police determined that the death of the toddler was an accident and no charges will be filed. However, there are similar cases when children have been injured or killed when fault needs to be established. Not all child pedestrian cases are accidents and not all of them have clear liability.

If your child has been involved in a pedestrian accident in Arizona, you would be wise to contact an experienced personal injury lawyer who can sort out the evidence and negotiate with the defendant insurance company for a fair and just settlement.

Whether you need a Phoenix personal injury lawyer, a Scottsdale personal injury attorney, or a personal injury lawyer anywhere else in the state, make sure you look for one with experience to help you in your time of need.