Severity of Accident Determines Damages

Severity Determines Damages

In Personal Injury cases, the severity of the injury is directly related to how much an injured person will be paid for “damages.” Say for example a pedestrian is hit by a motorist; the motorist is deemed to be at fault and must pay the medical damages. Medical damages are the amount of money it costs to recover the person fully. Also, if the pedestrian is incapacitated and misses work, those damages are included in the “economic” area.

The next “area” of damages can be called non-economic or loss of lifestyle damages, paid out to compensate a person for their suffering or loss of lifestyle. Much like economic damages, non-economic damages depend on the severity of the injury and will be higher for more serious injury cases.

While the money paid out may not heal a person’s injuries or restore a person to their original state, money is the only way the court may compensate a person for the harm inflicted.