What Can I Do if I Don’t Have Any Health Insurance?

Despite attempts by the U.S. government to encourage people to sign up for health insurance, a significant number of people injured in car accidents do not have insurance. So if you are one such person and find yourself in a car crash and in need of medical attention, you may feel helpless.

The good news is that hospitals are required to treat any person who appears in the emergency rooms, regardless of whether they have insurance. If you are injured and you need immediate attention, go to the nearest ER. This is your life. And even if you feel fine now, car-crash victims often have injuries that may not show up until hours or even days later. Whiplash is an injury victims often do not notice immediately; they instead walk away from a crash feeling spared…but whiplash-induced migraines and neck pain catch up sooner or later. In an ER, you can get the medical attention, care and medicine you need.

Personal injury lawyers often help people without insurance find doctors and medical providers who will provide the necessary medical care. Lawyers can assist clients in finding medical providers who will provide physical therapy, chiropractic care, and diagnostic tests (such as x-rays, CAT scans, MRIs, EEGs, etc.).

If you were injured due to another person’s negligence and you do not have health insurance, a lawyer may be able to point you in the right direction.

Know that you can always call the lawyers at Oracle Law Group for help and guidance if you ever find yourself seeking medical insurance after an automobile accident.

This post was intended to provide general information only and is not intended as specific legal advice. You should not rely upon this information alone, but should consult legal counsel regarding the application of the laws and regulations discussed and as applied to your specific case or circumstance.