Oracle Law Group Up On Technology

Oracle Law Group knows how important our smartphones, gadgets and gizmos are to us. We also recognize the significance of keeping up with the latest in technology.

That is why Oracle Law Group has introduced an iPhone app that will help provide you with pertinent information in a timely and effective manner. Now if you need legal direction when you are on the go, you can reach for your iPhone.

If you are familiar with Arizona Weekly magazine, open the front cover and you will see our ad on the first inside page. On that ad is a tag – if you scan your iPhone across the tag, you can download information and applications from Oracle Law Group that could assist you in various legal situations. We use technology whenever possible to better serve you.

Our Law Office is excited to offer this app to the consumer market, because we feel it is a great resource and a great way to connect with clients and potential clients.

Of course, we hope you do not utilize the iPhone app while you are driving, because as we have discussed here before, that would not be a safe move, and you should never engage in distracted driving behaviors.

We hope you enjoy the iPhone app and utilize it to the best of your ability. Know that we are always here for you at Oracle Law Group…whatever your needs.