Motorcycle Accident in Tempe Adds to National Figures

Motorcycle accidents can be extremely dangerous and we often forget how severe or deadly they are. What we also tend to glaze over is the fact that motorcycle accidents are showing a steady increase in recent years.
We’re not just warning you for the sake of it—figures show that motorcyclists should be more cautious now than ever before.
Nationally, the frequency of motorcycle accidents increased for the 11th straight year when in 2008, there was a 2.2 percent rise in fatalities from the previous year.
And numbers and figures such as these really hit home when there’s a severe motorcycle accident right in our back yard. Such was the case this past weekend.
A motorcyclist in Tempe lost his right leg below the knee after a driver ran into him last Saturday.
The accident occurred in the early morning hours and Tempe police arrived at University Drive and State Route 143 at about 2:30 a.m. in response to a call about a serious accident.
Come to find out, Michael Markulin, age 24, of Phoenix was driving a Toyota west on University Drive when it collided with the motorcycle that was sitting at a red light.

Markulin was traveling more than 60 mph and it is believed that he may have been impaired by alcohol.
Markulin was seen leaving the accident on foot and did not aid the injured motorcyclist.
When Tempe police tracked Markulin down at his home about 11 a.m., he told police he hit the motorcycle and left the scene. He also said he had no intention of alerting the police about the accident.
Markulin was booked on charges of aggravated assault and fleeing the scene of a serious injury accident.
The investigation remains ongoing but the fact that a motorcyclist lost his leg is unchanged.
Please don’t forget how dangerous motorcycles can be. Please take caution when operating one or driving near or around one.