Faulty Toyota Co. Car Nearly Kills Boy

Earlier this month a man lost control of his Toyota-manufactured vehicle and nearly killed a boy.

“I would never get back in that car and drive it again.”

Chuck Schmeiser used to love his 2008 Prius, but all that changed in an instant when he says his vehicle accelerated on its own.

Schmeiser had driven his Prius more than 2 years without a problem, and then one day this month, Chuck was with his wife, pulling the Prius into a grassy parking lot.

Chuck says there was a boy directing him into a parking space up against a small mound of dirt and that when they lost control of the vehicle, everything happened so suddenly.

Schmeiser recalls that the car just accelerated and hit the young man.

Luckily the boy fell to the left and was unharmed. Chuck says jamming on the brake did nothing, but he finally managed to stop the car.

The Prius was towed to Big Two Toyota in Chandler. They brought in someone from Toyota Corporate to look at the car. Chuck says the corporate tech felt the sudden acceleration was not due to an entrapped floor mat.

The technician told Chuck and his wife of a mat recall, but upon inspection of their car, he found no problem as far as the mats were concerned. Instead, the Toyota corporate technician blamed a faulty operator.

The boy that was hit is fine and actually went right back to work that day.

As for the incident, Toyota is consistently denying any and all possibilities that put its vehicles at fault.

So, right now we don’t know what happened for sure. All we know is the Prius suddenly accelerated and somebody could have been seriously hurt or worse.

Please be weary if you own a Toyota-manufactured vehicle or know anyone who does. Thankfully no one got hurt in this instance, but it’s definitely not worth the risk. Get your vehicles checked out today!

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