Teen Boy Injured While Riding Bike

Just because your bike doesn’t have an engine, blow smoke or make noise, doesn’t mean you’re not at risk to get in an accident.

One Surprise resident, a 16-year-old teen, was injured while riding his bicycle on Thursday afternoon.

The teen was riding his bicycle near 175th Avenue and Surprise Farms Loop North at about 2:50 p.m. when a truck collided with him.

Luckily, two bystanders were able to aide him in a very helpful way. So helpful, in fact, that these bystanders’ special help will likely help improve his prognosis and recovery.

A paramedic who lived across the street called 911 and directed Staff Sgt. Elliott Velez of Luke Air Force Base about how to treat him.

The teen was flown to St. Joseph’s Hospital and Medical Center for treatment of head and abdominal injuries.

The paramedic was able to call for the helicopter himself and firefighters soon arrived to assist.

This young boy was lucky he had some very helpful neighbors nearby.